You want to work here. Trust us.

We built MotionHall to be a place where smart people can have fun doing meaningful work. And that's exactly what it is.

Goodness matters.

You don't have to be someone we want to go for beer with, but you do have to be someone we want to work with for a long time. We are counting on you, and on each other, to be helpful and trustworthy. At MotionHall, we have a simple rule to weed out bad apples - we don't work with anybody that we wouldn't work with for a lifetime.

We get shit done.

Startups are fast-paced and at times, high-pressure environments. That's where we thrive. We enjoy pulling together to get a job done. We take initiative to notice and solve problems without being asked. We focus on what's meaningful for our customers. We take pride in delivering high quality work. And we're geeky enough to obsess over efficiency.

Diversity is our strength.

Diverse candidates are undervalued in the jobs marketplace at large, but not at MotionHall. We pride ourselves on appropriately valuing the skills of all candidates and understand that the skills and networks they bring us are a competitive advantage. Diversity truly is our strength.


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Not your job posting? Not a problem.

We believe that the right people will find us and we want to hear from them. If that's you, tell us how you can make a difference at MotionHall. Show us you've done your research and be opinionated about it. If there's a fit, there will be a job.

Want to work with us, but aren't sure where to start just yet? Here are a few resources we recommend for independent learning: