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Through expansive data and predictive software, OutMatch offers a smart and easy way to understand the market landscape for your out-licensing or M&A deal.
Leverage Market Clarity
Capitalize on a comprehensive evaluation of the partnering landscape in planning for the most successful deal cycle.
Analyze Partners
Research detailed company profiles to evaluate scientific synergies, deal volume, pipeline, and regional salesforce.
Drive Competition
Tailor outreach communications to drive a competitive deal cycle towards the preferred partner and terms.
Partnering Methodologies Powered by Robust Digital Models
Digital Model
Terabytes of data inform our digital model of the global life sciences landscape.
• Clinical Trials
• Patents
• Grants
• SEC Filings
• Press Releases
• Corporate Websites
• Private Interest Data
Algorithmic Matching
Robust digital modelling surfaces signals of potential partner quality and transactability in any region.
• Stated Interest
• Deals History and Trajectory
• Cash Firepower
• Sales Channels
• Pipeline Synergies
• Clinical Capability
• BD Team Accessibility
Dynamic Tools
Engage with a curated partner landscape and detailed company profiles.
• Team collaboration tools
• Board-ready contact log
• Add & remove company matches
• Detailed company cards
• Market Dashboard
• Segmented pipeline analysis
• Historical Deal Volume
Explore the Partnering Landscape
OutMatch identifies and predicts potential partners from provided asset and deal parameters. MotionHall’s Chiron artificial intelligence assigns an algorithmic rank score that illuminates the overall landscape of partner prospects, and summarizes the suitability of fit
Research Scientific Synergies
Determine an asset’s scientific similarities to a companies existing body of work. Find a deeply tailored scientific fit via excerpts from PubMed, patents, and clinical trials addressing directly related and neighboring scientific activity within the company.
More quality matches than a traditional process. Confidently surface medium, specialty and foreign players.
Of the transacted deals we have monitored have gone with one of our Top Five match recommendations.
Of companies surfaced from a traditional process have no intention of transacting. Save time by taking our data driven approach to filtering your results.

Collaborate with your Team

Mark preferred companies as favorites, or add and remove potential targets from the list.

Annotate matches with comments to share with your team. Track conversation progress and share analytics with your board.

MotionHall OutMatch

Key insights to enhance your decision making.