Achieving Licensing Success in a Niche Market

When working with niche markets, every detail counts

Jorge, CBO of Asterid Biotech, really knows his business development process. When he sees evidence that MotionHall is able to save executive time and company money while transacting in a tough niche market, he knows he needs to get his CEO on board.

Asterid’s lead product, SunFlower, is a unique device and therapeutic combination. SunFlower is so unique that there are only a handful of companies in the world suitable to get it through the final stages of development and distribution.

While a dealmaker driving an auction might need the comprehensive partner evaluation MotionHall is known for, Jorge needs to know that no potential partner will be missed and needs to have exhaustive knowledge of the prospects.

The benefits of MotionHall for Asterid Biotech

Jorge meets Jin-sung, Asterid’s CEO, and delivers the proposal that shows the many payoffs of MotionHall’s tools and services. These include:

  • • Reducing the overall transaction risk to Asterid Biotech.
  • • Lowering the likelihood of transacting late or getting a disappointing transaction.
  • • Helping Jorge close on the best terms and, as a result, helping him avoid leaving money on the negotiating table.
  • • Supporting Jorge’s plan to close the SunFlower deal on a timeline that works for the company.

Jin-sung, however, is not entirely convinced that MotionHall is needed for transacting this product. “SunFlower has such a niche market that we know all the key players,” he says. “Why should we invest more money in business development?”

Jorge explains that with very few potential partners, knowing every prospect is absolutely critical. A single company missed or mistakenly brushed aside could turn out to be that one competitor who would have significantly driven the deal value.

“Dealmakers like me always hate to miss the one good conversation we might have had,” said Jorge. “A comprehensive approach with MotionHall makes sure we’ve not only identified every single company, including any edge-case buyers in the niche set, but also that we have the best information at hand as we prepare to speak to this small market.”

Focus executive time on the most strategic priorities

“We’re not just looking at savings in analysts or databases,” he explains to CEO Jin-sung, “but significant savings on the time I’m investing in running this process for SunFlower.”

With MotionHall’s tools at his disposal, Jorge can be confident in the comprehensiveness of his approach to the partnering market, while learning details about each partnering prospect. This adds plenty of power to how Jorge plans and tailors his approach. And he can do all this on timelines he couldn’t achieve with existing or alternative resources.

Jin-sung agrees with Jorge's approach. The CEO is pleased that Jorge will use both company budget and executive time with more efficiency, and ultimately is pleased that the proposed process will maximize the likelihood of an ideal transaction for SunFlower.

The names of people and organizations have been anonymized.