Outreach Campaigns
Leverage MotionHall’s outbound email experience to start successful deal-making conversations.
Why MotionHall?
MotionHall’s Outreach Campaigns is a dedicated email outreach service. Work with, and learn from an experienced Outreach Campaign Strategist who will manage prospect list building, email outreach strategy and, inbox maintenance all until the point of handoff.
What to expect from Outreach Campaigns

Market Approach Workshop

• Develop a researched outreach strategy

• Assessment of market-fit and ideal market approach

• Research companies to identify the right individuals to contact and at what time

• Create unique outreach strategies for different company and contact types

Email Teaser Workshop

• Collaborate with your Outreach Campaign Strategist to engineer the email outreach process for the specific types of contacts we would like to reach. Decide how you would like to present your story and the opportunity you offer to outreach candidates. Determining how our approach should differ depending on the type of company or contact.

Weekly Strategy Calls

• Weekly check-ins from your Outreach Campaign Strategist throughout the duration of your Outreach Campaign engagement.

Handoff Management

• Inbox management and dealing with email handoffs and introductions to your business development team.

Detailed Milestone Reports

• Details on progress and what to expect

• Typical benchmarks and our target timeline to complete the milestone

• What we’ll be working on next to move the campaign forward

An extraordinary approach to effective partnering.