July 21, 2017

Predictive Dealmaking: The Smartest, Easiest Way to Win Biopharma Deals

Our team at MotionHall has translated one of the software industry’s most powerful sales practices, predictive analytics, to the life sciences business development process.

We call it predictive dealmaking, and it’s the smartest and easiest way to win biopharma deals thanks to MotionHall’s powerful OutMatch AI.

Read on to find out more about predictive dealmaking and how it benefits your licensing process.


OutMatch uses advanced predictive scoring models that take into account thousands of signals and use sophisticated data science to compute accurate predictions.

Predictive Dealmaking

Predictive analytics is ready for primetime. A whole community of forward-looking businesses are reaping the rewards of deploying this smart technology to make better business decisions.

For biopharma dealmakers, predictive dealmaking means
shorter cycles and improved deal financials.

Instead of relying on human intuition and guessing who your best partners are, why not take a smarter, easier approach?



With biopharma dealmaking it’s critical to focus on the right partners. Your goal isn’t just to get a deal, it’s to get the right deal with a partner who will value your science and see your product developed and distributed to patients. Engaging the partnering marketplace in an unfocused way creates unnecessary risk, leaves money on the table, and may even damage your credibility in the market. OutMatch arms you with a simple, predictive match score for each potential partner. It’s now easier to pinpoint your top prospects and begin the work of relationship building.

Strategic Outreach

The Modern Out-Licensing Process, with OutMatch


It’s no secret that customizing your strategic outreach can make a big difference. But most dealmakers are missing out on the chance to go deeper with emails and calls. By understanding the key attributes of each pharma—such as their strategic priorities, pipeline, scientific capabilities, or members of their business development team interested in your therapeutic area—you can determine what the strategic fit for your product is and make sure you tell that story to the right person. Unlike manual research, OutMatch uncovers these insights automatically. This allows your team to pre-plan meaningful conversation points that communicate a clear value proposition.


There are always potential partners overlooked in a traditional process. Some of them might’ve made strong alliances or driven up your deal price. It’s challenging to see past geographic boundaries and track all the changes in the industry. We’re only human. OutMatch helps you to rest assured you’ve examined a complete set of potential partners for whatever purpose you might have—stoking deal competition, ensuring a deal gets signed, or improving your control over the trajectory of your science.

You + OutMatch = The ultimate dealmaking team

Predictive dealmaking is really about easing the grunt work of partnering without risking opportunities. You gain a much more comprehensive view of the partnering marketplace for your deal so that you can focus your team’s energy on the right partners. OutMatch can’t tell you who among your top results you should partner with. Instead, the transformative promise of AI is in making sense of massive amounts of information. That gives dealmakers like you a distinct edge when making the decisions that matter most. We are now in a new era of collaboration between people and machines, where automation of research tasks makes it easy to make smarter decisions. OutMatch is designed to make it easy for you to find the right partner, giving you more opportunity to build strong partnering relationships.

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