March 08, 2017

How Leading Dealmakers Drive Partnering Success

Leading dealmakers understand that the challenge is not just to find a partner, but the right partner — one who will contribute to investor confidence and long-term success, more than immediate capital.

Here’s how they do it:

1. They Get Comprehensive

If you don't know what's out there, you're taking on risk while leaving money on the table, or you're not getting a deal done.

2. They Find the Right Partner

The complexity and duration of a drug licensing deal makes partnerships more like marriages — there’s nothing better than finding the right relationship, and nothing worse than being trapped in the wrong one. Finding the right long-term partner requires a methodical evaluation process that goes deep in examining strategic synergies with mid-to-large companies.

3. They Find the Right People

Who within the potential partner company is likely to get excited about this deal? Accessing potential partners through an internal champion ensures a shortened “sales” cycle.

Today, 60% of life-sciences pipelines are in-licensed. Demand for innovative products is high. As an out-licensor, it’s on you to drive interest in your product while angling towards the best long-term partnership for your company.

Answers Are One Click Away

MotionHall’s Outmatch uses a proprietary partnering algorithm modelled after the thought patterns of leading dealmakers, and combines this with machine power to assess terabytes of deep industry data to match your deal.

With OutMatch, you can address critical questions upfront, eliminate fruitless discussions and tailor information to speak to your value prop in addressing your prospective partner’s needs.

Join the next generation of leading dealmakers by accessing OutMatch for your deal.

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