April 05, 2018

Better Deals at BIO - Understanding & Planning for Transactability

BIO International is one of our favorite events of the year.

The BIO International conference presents an incredible opportunity to connect, build relationships and conduct business.

With Partnering open, the race is on to set meetings with the deal professionals before their schedules are full.

Last year we surveyed executives at BIO and found that executives were disappointed to have spent 25%-90% of their meetings with the wrong people at the table.

At an event that presents so much opportunity to connect, a wasted meeting isn’t just an hour lost, it’s an hour not spent with someone else who could move your deal forward.

In this call, we’ll discuss:

1. How to meet more of the right people while avoiding time wasters.

2. How thoughtful business research can yield insights into which corporations will transact and why.

3. How a data-driven approach to business research can help you ensure you make the most of the partnering opportunities this June.