Accelerated Partnering Connections with Outreach Campaigns

MotionHall offers tailored services to achieve your outreach goals faster

Evan is the CEO of a company with innovative technology for COVID-19. He knows that his COVID-19 product has high efficacy as a prophylactic and for mitigating the disease and its symptoms. The industry is moving fast in response to COVID-19 and Evan knows that time is of the essence when finding the right partner.

However, the market environment has become crowded and noisy which makes finding an optimal partner much more complicated. Evan is aware that dealmakers are hearing a lot of COVID-19 pitches, making it harder to cut through the noise. He needs to be able to clearly articulate why his product is different and why it's of value to those companies. As Evan heads into September 2020, he knows his window of opportunity is closing.

Onboarding with MotionHall’s services

Evan comes to MotionHall and onboards in three ways:

  1. 1. He works in MotionHall’s OutMatch to understand the partnering landscape. He is able to analyze all potential partners around the globe who might engage with his deal. He is able to view the big players a well as the specialty players for whom his product may still be meaningful.

  2. 2. Evan knows that to cut through the noise it is important he understands the constantly changing COVID-19 product pipeline on a global scale. He uses MotionHall’s competitive pipeline tool to get a live view of the COVID-19 product landscape. He is able to focus on the products that are most like his. When Evan talks to his CBO, he says: “There's really nothing exactly like what we have out there. It's completely novel and differentiated.” Because of his work with MotionHall, Evan understands that it's not only about knowing your product is differentiated, it’s about communicating the difference to the market. He knows he must be ready to clearly differentiate his product from those that might be perceived as competitive.

  3. 3. Finally, Evan wants a better sense of what the deals are worth. He leverages MotionHall Deal Comparables to understand the shape, structure and pricing of other COVID-19 deals.

Engaging MotionHall’s Outreach Campaigns

Given Evan’s time restrictions, he's also engaged the MotionHall team to work with him to reach out to the industry. MotionHall helps Evan target the right people within his ideal partner companies and helps him book those initial meetings that will drive his deal forward. Evan has come to think of MotionHall as his extended or outsourced BD team.

MotionHall uses assessments done at the technology level to quickly establish a campaign highlighting the most important aspects of his product for all respective potential partners. MotionHall helps Evan clarify to each outreach prospect why they should care about his product. Together, they cater to each company and set up initial qualification conversations with them. Because they’ve worked tactically on this approach, MotionHall begins rapid outreach with companies that may not be the best fit for Evans interests but can offer valuable feedback to iterate on the pitch.

Effective Outreach Begins with Understanding

MotionHall also digs into scientific fit to understand who are the R&D champions who can best understand his product differentiation. MotionHall begins to tailor messaging outreach to those target companies. Thanks to careful work and positioning, Evan’s calendar quickly becomes full with high quality meetings. Evan goes into his meetings briefed and prepared to speak to his product in a specifically tailored way for each individual R&D leader, BD leader, and company.

Evan’s job isn't easy. His schedule consists heavily of research, preparation and meetings. But his ability to speak to his product with differentiation and to accelerate his outreach process comes down to his choice to work with MotionHall.

Evan says: “Engaging with MotionHall let me work on the shortened timeline I wanted. Their services allowed me to have confidence in our tailored outreach which in turn let me build meaningful connections. Together, we were able to move quickly through the deal-making funnel so that I could move towards closing my deal”

The names of people and organizations have been anonymized.

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